Hi there

My name is Kostiantyn Bozhko. I'm an entrepreneur and software developer from Dnipro, Ukraine.

At this moment, I am co-owner & CTO at Exyplis LLC, the multidirectional outsourcing company, where we do our best to deliver reliable solutions for our customers. We strive to build excellent products that push our partner's businesses forward to the next level of success.

I passionate about software development and the problem-solving process. For most of the projects I've worked on, my stack of choice is Laravel for the backend, VueJS, and TailwindCSS for the frontend.

For more specific tasks I've got familiar with GoLang for high-load & CLI stuff, and
NativeScript for mobile apps development. As well as that I have good knowledge, and substantial experience with Asterisk, Docker, ViciDial, and a ton of different software.

Aside from work I spending my time reading books and playing on PlayStation. I love good
beer, Islay whiskey's, silence, and cats. Especially cats😬

On this blog, I will post about things I learned, solutions to problems I faced, somehow useful tips.

You can found me on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and GitHub.